Autofutura acquires Chrysalis Loyalty

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Leading data-driven automotive business intelligence company Autofutura  acquires Chrysalis Loyalty 

Christian Erlandson will lead the combined companies 

Acquisition broadens commercial offer for global automotive OEMs, Fleet  Operators, Financiers and Retailers in rapidly evolving industry 

Eastleigh (UK) – 5 February 2021: Autofutura, the global data-driven business intelligence  provider, backed by Inflexion Private Equity, has acquired Chrysalis Loyalty (Chrysalis), a leading supplier of loyalty solutions for manufacturers, finance companies and retailers, to  deliver an unrivalled offering in the automotive industry. 

Autofutura and Chrysalis Loyalty provide complementary solutions to the global Lead  Management, Loyalty and Retention, and Risk Management, solutions to the global  automotive industry. Chrysalis specialises in the retail sector, while Autofutura has expertise  in both the fleet and retail sectors. 

Christian Erlandson CEO of Autofutura commented: “Combining the leading-edge capability  and reach of Autofutura with the renowned pedigree of Chrysalis Loyalty creates a unique  fusion of expertise. Forged into one focused team, our new venture will leverage best of  breed technology and data, giving us an unparalleled offering in the market. Through our  enriched suite of solutions, we will be expertly positioned to support both new and existing  clients as they seek to capitalise on opportunities today and future-proof their operations and  strategic planning decisions for tomorrow.” 

The global automotive sector is rapidly evolving, with significant growth in ecommerce,  mobility and evolving vehicle ownership models. Now more than ever, the ability to retain  customer loyalty, through a seamless and engaging customer experience, with personalised  finance offerings, is key to success in the automotive industry. As is the ability to identity and  track emerging industry trends, as well as anticipate, plan and react from a commercial  perspective. 

The acquisition, which saw Autofutura advised by Taylor Wessing and GCA Altium, will see  the business consolidate the expertise and resources of the two privately owned companies  to provide clients with an even more diverse and robust suite of solutions and consultancy  focused around Lead Management, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Loyalty and  Retention. The new structure will also enable the larger business to expand its capability and  underpin organic global growth opportunities, by leveraging access to mutually beneficial  markets, specifically in the UK, Europe and APAC.  

The blend of assets such as Data Warehousing, Portfolio Analysis, Call Centres, Training  and Consultancy provided by Chrysalis and elements such as Forecasting Tools, Re Evaluation Acquisition modules and IT Optimisation offered by Autofutura, will ensure every  customer and potential customer’s needs are met, both now and in the future. 

The new entity will be led by Autofutura’s CEO Christian Erlandson, with Chrysalis Loyalty CEO and Founder Jolyon Barker progressing to a new role as Strategic Adviser under the  new structure. Newly combined, the company will serve customers in over 20 markets via its  UK-based headquarters and international offices in Australia, Canada and Germany.

Jolyon Barker Founder and former CEO of Chrysalis Loyalty, now Strategic Adviser to the  merger, commented: “When Chrysalis launched in 2004, we defined a new approach to  retention and loyalty technology with our award-winning Key2Key software platform. I am  excited that Autofutura and Chrysalis are now joining forces. The combination of our highly  skilled and dedicated teams, leading-edge global-data insights and technologies will provide  OEMs, Fleets, Financiers and Retailers an even greater wealth of customer acquisition,  retention and renewal assets, which have never been more crucial for delivering success  than in this period of remarkable transformation within the global automotive industry.” 

About Autofutura 

Autofutura is a global data management, lead management (CRM), loyalty and retention  software business providing solutions for the automotive industry. Its lead management and  retention solutions specialise in pricing, asset risk management, assimilation and analysis of  large amounts of vehicle data for motor manufacturers, fleet operators, automotive finance  and rental companies, with the benefit of significant time savings as well as transparent and  auditable management reporting, which enables our customers to make informed strategic  decisions and to retain existing customers, acquire new customers and manage their  business more effectively. Autofutura is a private company headquartered in the United  Kingdom with offices in the UK and Germany servicing customers in 20 countries. 

About Chrysalis Loyalty 

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in the UK with regional bases in Australia, Canada and  the USA, Chrysalis Loyalty (Chrysalis) harnesses data intelligence to provide customer  loyalty solutions to OEMs, finance companies and retailers across the global automotive  industry. Chrysalis currently supports nine major automotive brands and more than 2,500  retailers in 12 countries, by providing data-based intelligence to facilitate enhanced decision  making. Chrysalis’s solutions empower OEMs, financiers, and retailers to build and leverage  highly successful, sustainable and profitable customer retention models, enabling them to  increase vehicle sales volume. In 2017, Chrysalis completed a multi-million-pound  investment in its digital platform to bolster its growth and meet its clients’ emerging needs.  

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